Bar & Lounge

Wisdom Gaming Lounge

Your favorite hangout spot

Whether you’re competing in the LAN tournaments, watching live esports with friends, or truly mastering the art of balancing a drink, a snack and a controller, we’ve got you covered.

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Gaming Pods

Pick 3, 6, or 10 of your closest friends

Choose your favorite gaming console

Stretch out in front of a giant screen

Get snacks & drinks delivered to your pod

The Space

The Wisdom Gaming Lounge is located on the top floor of the venue. It is handicap accessible and can seat up to 100 guests comfortably, with a max capacity of 200 guests. This space is perfect for large gatherings, corporate events, viewing parties, VIP experiences and private parties.

  • Full bar and quick snack options
  • Open view to Mall of America® with the ability to make private
  • 3 gaming pods with the newest consoles
  • Multiple retro gaming stations throughout
  • 5+ screens throughout the space
  • Ability to cater food through restaurant partnerships at Mall of America®

Experience Wisdom Gaming

Want to book a private party? Hit us up.