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On November 12-13, collegiate esports and gaming programs associated with 128 North American colleges and universities will compete in the first ever Omega Strikers NA Collegiate Cup. One team per program is allowed.

Signups are open from now until November 5th. We ask that ONLY qualified program administrators (head coaches, program presidents, etc.) apply on behalf of their collegiate program.


November 12 – 13 (Saturday – Sunday)

Broadcast begins at 3 PM CDT each day


Streamed online at:


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The Rules

Team Selection
Each collegiate program is only allowed one 3-player team with up to 3 substitutes allowed per participating program. Participants are encouraged to hold private events among their players in advance of the tournament to determine which three players will constitute their squad. If more than 128 university teams apply, Odyssey will choose or reject schools at its own discretion. Programs that apply first will be given priority.

Teams can expect a response within one week of submitting an application.

Program Representatives
Each program should be represented by exactly one accountable person—preferably a head coach or president of the esports and/or gaming program. That person will act as the point of contact between Odyssey and the program.

Prize Pool
$25,000 in scholarships will be awarded to the top 4 teams.
1st place: $15,000
2nd place: $5,000
3rd place: $3,000
4th place: $2,000

Programs can submit a logo to be used in-game as an emote that represents their program by signing this logo usage agreement. Logo should be submitted below and MUST be 512×512 .png files with a transparent background.

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Signups are officially closed. Thanks for your interest!

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